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BATTERY 2030+ is the large-scale and long-term European research initiative with the vision of inventing sustainable batteries of the future, providing European industry with disruptive technologies, and a competitive edge throughout the value chain, that will enable Europe to take the lead in battery science and technology.

The purpose of the BATTERY 2030+ coordination is to build a collaboration community to invent the batteries of the future. 

Some of the common topics covereed by BATTERY 2030+ initiative are:

– protocols for data handling and data sharing

– curricula for new educational and skill efforts

– communication aspects

– the formulation of new R&I actions in the field of battery research.

More about BATTERY 2030+:

The BATTERY 2030+ is a coordination and support action with 23 consortium partners and coordinated by Kristina Edström Uppsala University, Sweden who also coordinates the BATTERY 2030+ initiative comprising the six research projects, including BIG MAP, INSTABAT, SENSIBAT, SPARTAKUS, BAT4EVER and HIDDEN.

The liaison within the Battery 2030+ initiative is coordinated through the defined four different subtopics and their officer representing each involved project.
These subtopics and the appointed officer representing BAT4EVER for each of them are:

Communication and Dissemination: Dr. Bilge SARUHAN-BRINGS

Data Managements:   Dr. David MAESTRE VAREA  

IPR-Strategy:  Dr. Boyan ILIEV 

Education: Prof. Dr. Rita MAGRI; Ass. Prof. Dr. Neslihan YUCA       

@ by BATTERY2030+ initiative