21 October 2021


EUSEW: Batteries Powering a Greener and Prosperous Future: Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts

  • Batteries Europe: Edel Sheridan, SINTEF
  • BEPA: Michael Lippert, Saft
  • Battery2030+: Kristina Edstrom, Uppsala University
  • EBA: Bo Normark, EIT InnoEnergy

12/19/26 October 2021

Green Batteries Conference

International experts discussed the latest developments in the battery industry from raw materials to current and future cell and system technologies.

07 October 2021

BATTERY2030+ Annual Meeting

Progress of each project in the frame of initiative was presented.  Two excellence seminars on the latest progress in battery field were provided by leading scientists.

23-24 June 2021

The event took place online with attendance of over 21,000 participants from over a 100 different countries. 

09 June 2021

The impact of the Batteries Regulation on research, innovation and product development


Camilla Dann from Uppsala University
Kajsa S. from BATTERY 2030+
Pia Alina Lange from RECHARGE – European Association of the Advanced Rechargeable & Lithium Batteries Value Chain

Watch virtuell debate here Batteries Regulation Europe – virtual debate – EU Green week

20 May 2021

BAT4EVER / SPARTACUS Online Joint MeetingWorkshop


  • Bat4Ever members
  • SPARTACUS members
  • Kristina Edström (Battery 2030+)

The workshop was organized to discuss questions related to the Self-healing – Sensing – Modelling. Effects of Self-healing/Sensing on management systems, aging protocols, ecological and economical aspects and application were highlighted by the participants.

07 May 2021

BIG-MAP has a Stakeholder’s Webinar

PhD and PostDocs presented their works

05 May 2021

Battery experts from research and industry discussed challenges and opportunities of the digitalisation of batteries for the energy system of the future.

Location: Online  
Organisators: ETIP SNET and EGVIA

04 May 2021

Discussed questions during webinar:

How to reinvent the way we invent batteries to the benefit of the European battery industry.
– What research is needed to support the vision of creating a competitive battery industry in Europe and fulfill the ambitious EU Green Deal.
–  Which experiences of the past will be helpful for future battery innovation and where do we need to leave from the beaten path.

Organisators: BATTERY 2030 and EBA250


Kristina Edström, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, Uppsala University
Martin Winter, Professor, University of Münster
Pam Thomas, CEO, Faraday Institution
Speaker TBC, DG Research, European Commission
Hwamyung Jang, Principal Research Engineer, Northvolt
Additional representatives from industry TBC

04 May 2021

Battery 2030+ Communication WG Meeting

Partner Project Monthly Updates. Progress and Activites

20 April 2021

Social Media Workshop

Workshop, presented by Fernando Gomollón, the Press and Communications Coordinator at the Graphene Flagship

11 Februar 2021

2nd General Assembly Meeting

Project coordinator, Prof. Dr. Maitane Berecibar from VUB opened the meeting with a welcome speech. In following, Ines Boursot from the Management Team at VUB gave instructions to the use of EMDESK portal for financial and technical reporting. Each WP leader has reported the developments achieved in the past months within the relevant WP. 

07 October 2020

Kick-off Meeting Working Group October 7th, 2020

BAT4EVER officially starts

 The official start of the project BAT4EVER is given with the Kick-off Meeting on 7 October 2020 between 9:00-18:00 in presence of all 10 consortium partners and the Director of the Battery 2030+ initiative, Prof. Kristina Edström from the Uppsala University.